Thank you for purchasing a professionally applied Gtechniq coating.

If correctly applied and properly cared for, will ensure that your vehicle’s paintwork retains its showroom condition for years to come.

This guarantee applies to the following professionally applied coatings for the time periods set out below.

Product Guarantee duration (yrs)
C1 Crystal Lacquer 5
Crystal Serum Light 5
Crystal Serum Ultra 9
Platinum 5

We guarantee that the above coatings will not stain or become discoloured. But If they do, then we will repair the damaged area(s) and re-apply the coating without charge.

Note: To uphold your Gtechniq guarantee you must visit the Gtechniq Accredited Detailer who applied your original coatings every 12 months during the period of you guarantee – unless you have changed address, if this is the case please email This is so that they can inspect your vehicle’s finish and give you advice on the maintenance of your car. This inspection is free of charge and can be arranged at a time convenient to you.

Please note this inspection does not cover any valeting and that your car should be sufficiently clean for it to be carried out.

This guarantee will not cover:

  • Damage by collision, accident, scratches, abrasions, vandalism, stone chipping, burns, other paint/coatings or chemicals not designed for use on automotive paint
  • Rust damage
  • Application of the coating to matte or satin paint finishes
  • Application of the coating other than to the exterior paintwork of a car
  • Damage caused by the application of any other coating or product over the Gtechniq coating
  • Defective application of the coating
  • Car manufacturer defects or work carried out to the car prior to the coating application which affects the finish of the paintwork resulting in:
    • Paint imperfections including paintwork flaking or peeling
    • Foreign matter in the paint
    • An orange peel effect (paintwork appears dappled or pitted)
    • Clearcoat separation

Note: This guarantee applies to the coatings set out in the above table only and is non-transferable.

This guarantee will not apply:

  • If the coating was applied by a non-Accredited Detailer
  • If you previously made a claim under this guarantee on two occasions
  • The damage takes place in a country which was not the place of purchase or where we do not distribute the coating at the time of purchase by you
  • Whilst we are not liable for defective product application, if you have used a technician approved by us and you are unhappy both with the quality of workmanship and the technician failing to rectify, then, provided you notify us within 30 days of application of the coating by the technician, we will contact the them on your behalf and help you, if we can, to reach a satisfactory and fair resolution
  • You do not supply us with your guarantee authentication code

This guarantee does not affect your legal rights under the Consumer Contracts regulations in relation to faulty or mis-described goods.

To help maintain the quality of the Gtechniq coating we strongly recommend that you use our after-care products available from and follow our care instructions.

To make a claim under this guarantee you, or the authorised technician who applied the coating, should email us at with your name, phone number, guarantee authentication code, a photograph of and a brief description of the damage. We may then arrange for an assessor to inspect the car during normal business hours at a location specified by the assessor.

This guarantee is given by Gtechniq Limited (company number 05749351), registered office: The Mill Pury Hill Business Park, Alderton Road, Towcester, NN12 7LS