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One of the world’s leading car care brands today (Tuesday 5 April 2016), announced its partnership with one of the UK’s most prestigious race teams, in a bid to help improve aerodynamic performance.

Gtechniq, the creators of a complete range of high-performance car coatings and maintenance products, will support Aston Martin Racing (AMR) for the 2016 season of Endurance Racing – the World Endurance Championship (WEC), which includes the 24 Hours of Le Mans – to help enhance performance on the track.

With a raft of new regulation changes to endurance racing including a greater freedom on aero development, the Aston Martin Team unveiled its latest 2016 V8 Vantage GTE last month – the car which supports the manufacturers’ GTE Pro entries during the 2016 season. Boasting a fully re-designed aerodynamic package including a distinctly pronounced new rear diffuser, the team remains confident that it will be able to challenge for not only race wins, but FIA WEC title honours.

Gtechniq will be providing Aston Martin Racing with C0 Aerocoat for use during the race season, helping to improve aerodynamic performance.

Rob Earle, managing director of Gtechniq, said: “It’s a known fact that dirt and debris on the surface of a car can have an impact on the aerodynamic performance. Our Aerocoat has been designed to prevent discarded rubber from the cars’ tyres sticking on to the wings, an occurrence which would disrupt the carefully studied aero flow and negatively affect the overall aerodynamic efficiency of a racing car. By coating the wings of each car with Aerocoat and preventing debris from sticking, the team can maintain the surface quality of the car.”

C0 Aerocoat is applied by hand to high-impact areas of the V8 chassis, and left to cure thoroughly before each race. The coating forms a chemical bond with the surface of the car providing it with a sleek, flawless finish which not only repels dirt, but assists in balancing the airs drag and lift around the car.

Paul Howarth, team principal of Aston Martin Racing, said: “We warmly welcome Gtechniq for the 2016 season. Success in motorsport is defined by the finest of margins, and the use of their Aerocoat technology will help us to extract the optimum performance from our V8 Vantage GTE not only on the first lap, but right to the last.”

Mr Earle added: “Aston Martin is one of our closest allies and we are delighted to be working alongside the team and the new V8 Vantage GTE challenger during this season.”


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About Gtechniq

Gtechniq was born out of pure science, the love of cars and the desire to create the best car care products, with a focus on protective coatings – the cornerstone of our success.

In 2004, scientists at Gtechniq created a superior line of products aimed at perfecting all car surfaces. And over the last 10 years, these products have been continually improved to provide a range that outshines and outlasts the competition.

Our line of surface preparation and finishing products are designed to clean, polish, and protect all automotive exteriors, in a way no traditional wax applications can match.

The Gtechniq range includes composite ceramic coatings, leather protection, fabric protection, wheel and trim protection, shampoos and much more. For more information about Gtechniq, or to find an Accredited Detailer, visit

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