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Gtechniq extends Aston Martin Sponsorship until 2021

Gtechniq, the creators of high-performance car coatings and detailing products, are extending their backing of AMR until 2021.

Robert Earle, Gtechniq managing director, said: “This year we aren’t only supporting Aston Martin Racing by giving them access to our high-performance product range, but you will continue to see the GTE play host to the Gtechniq logo. It’s an exciting time at Gtechniq, as the company continues to grow we are able to offer more support to our closest allies.”

The team expects that using Gtechniq products to maintain its fleet will also help improve aerodynamic performance throughout the season.

Paul Howarth, team principal of Aston Martin Racing, said: “Success in motorsport is defined by the finest of margins. Using Gtechniq’s advanced paint protection products will help us to extract the optimum performance from our road-car based Vantage GTE not only on the first lap, but throughout each second of the races to come.

“All of the pre-season development and testing has been targeted at Aston Martin Racing’s performance and delivery across the 2018/19 super-season – we are delighted to have Gtechniq as part of this.”

Rob Earle added: “It’s a known fact that dirt and debris on the surface of a car can have an impact on the aerodynamic performance. By using Gtechniq products on the cars, we hope to help the team achieve the best results they can.”

The Aston Martin Vantage GTE is based on the critically-acclaimed Aston Martin Vantage road car, the most performance oriented sports car to come from Aston Martin’s ‘Second Century Plan’. Powered by a 4.0-litre, V8 turbo-charged AMG engine developed and optimised by AMR, the Vantage GTE is the first all-new GT car Aston Martin has introduced to the FIA WEC GTE category in seven years.

Following an extensive 10-month testing and development programme that has covered 35,000km and 14 different circuits, the team is confident. They have a competitive and reliable car capable of repeating the team’s 2017 Le Mans glory and a good chance of securing the overall Super Season GTE Pro title.