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For many years carnauba wax was the chosen paint protection of collectors and enthusiasts, but as lifestyles change, and people have less spare time, there has been a shift towards the modern sealants.

Traditional waxes create a superb effect offering a rich, warm glow that shimmers under different light conditions – a car detailing enthusiasts dream, but not necessarily practical for the everyday driver.

Produced by the palm tree, the Brazilian Tree of Life, carnauba wax comes from the leaves that protect the trees from the sun and repel water to the plant’s roots. In raw form the wax is solid – as hard as nails, manufacturers of the wax blend it with oils, petroleum distillates, or a solvent called naphtha in order to make the wax workable. Therefore, contrary to the belief of many, carnauba wax is not 100% natural – in fact even the best, most expensive of these waxes contain approximately one third of natural carnauba.

Carnauba itself comes in a number of grades dependent on colour, purity and where it was harvested from. The yellower the wax the purer it is. Northern Brazil is where the highest grade can be found.

When applied to a car’s surface carnauba wax retains the benefits it offers to the palm tree, protecting the paintwork from UV rays, heat, moisture, oxidation and environmental contamination. However, the lifespan of the wax once applied to a car is extremely short – on average it will last between 6 and 8 weeks, which is nothing when compared the guaranteed seven year protection offered by Gtechniq Crystal Serum, a sealant from the other end of the paint protection spectrum, the best your money can get.

Unlike traditional carnauba wax, sealants such as C1, Crystal Serum Light, Platinum and Crystal Serum will last years instead of months, and are much easier to apply.

Gtechniq sealants are made from thousands of nano-particles that link tightly together on a car’s paintwork to form a chemical bond with the surface – this makes the coating extremely durable and hard wearing. Once cured on a car’s surface the coatings create a candy-like gloss that is slick and extremely strong – rather like a coat of armour.

In a modern world where technology dominates, it is clear why sealants have become the product of choice for many professional detailers and enthusiasts alike. With a Gtechniq coating you get all of the benefits of carnauba wax, along with durability and lasting performance.

For those who like to spend hours detailing and admiring their car which does not get much use, then a wax may for you. But, for those people who choose to detail their car, drive it and keep it looking pristine for longer, then there is no better option than a Gtechniq coating.