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Distribution of Gtechniq products in North America and Canada, has returned back to our headquarters in Northamptonshire, this month, after the former distribution company stepped down.

When addressing former customers in the United States and Canada in an email sent out earlier this week, Rob Earle, Gtechniq managing director, said: “Let me apologise for the unacceptable level of technical and customer support that you have had from Gtechniq. It’s not something I ever hoped would happen, and please rest assured that now we have picked up from our former agents, I will do everything in my powers to never allow such a lapse to take place again.”

Customers in American can currently purchase products directly from resellers such as Detailed Image and AutoGeek, or directly from us at If ordering from our USA site you can expect fast delivery, which is free when you spend over $150.

We will be continuing to build our network of accredited detailers in both Canada and the United States on a state by state basis, starting with Florida, California and the Tri-State.

Andy B Cool based in Cape Coral (as seen in picture recieving his Accredited Detailer certificate) , Florida, is our first appointment, who will be managing the Accredited Detailer Network across the State. If you are a detailer by trade you may know Andy already – he runs his own business called Professional Polishing, a full-time detailer working on a variety of vehicles from high end cars, to boats and RVs.

If you are a full-time detailer in the United States or Canada and you are interested in having access to Crystal Serum, the best paint protection yet, contact

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